About Us.

We are a group of like-minded people and organisations that believe that the traditional tenets, aims, courtesies and techniques of Japanese Judo and Jujitsu are worth, not only, preserving - but also keeping alive. 

We acknowlege and celebrate the different 'schools' (ryu), 'styles' focus and character within  these arts and aim to provide a forum to share knowledge and learn from others.


Formed in 2011, the Society has now run at least three successful regional courses throughout the UK each year, bringing together up to eight different, independent groups.


All of the founder members, TJUK, The Zen Judo Family and Kenshindoryu normally host annual seminars, attended by other local and national groups in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. These sessions are an opportunity to experience complimentary or alternate 'styles' of practice, where the rule is that nothing is 'wrong', just 'different', so an open-minded attitude will be essential!


At the end of our fourth year, we are proud to count TEN independent groups directly affiliated, both in the UK and abroad, and we anticipate an exciting programme of events during 2016, so keep an eye on our 'Courses' page!

What we DON'T do!

Sometimes it's not what you do, but what you don't do that counts, so lets explain some of the things we absolutely will not do ....

  • Interfere with the running of your club
  • Insist on you using a 'standard' syllabus
  • Stop you training with anyone else
  • Make you take our licences or gradings
  • Charge loads of money for things you don't want
  • Give away grades!

But we will support IGAS members ..

By including member organisation details on our 'members' page, and linking to your own website.

By advertising your courses and training sessions to a wider audience and membership.

By offering support and a range of services that can sometimes be expensive or difficult to obtain for smaller clubs

By building friendships and alliances with other traditional budoka