Joe Harbert Sensei 6th Dan           Sensei Sy Prior 4th Dan                                          Shihan Jim Dart 5th Dan

      Chief Instructor UKTJ                    TJUK East Midlands                                        Chief Instructor Kenshindoryu

pictured at the Kodokan in Japan                                                                                        Nippon Budo Kyokai

Sensei Joe Harbert has been active in Judo for over 30            Sensei Jim Dart has also been involved in martial

years and has trained with many great names such as              arts for over 30 years and holds senior Dan grades

Brian Jacks, Ray Stevens, Marco Ruas and has also                in 3 'styles' of Traditional Judo and was awarded

trained in the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, Japan.              the title 'Shihan' by  Shinohara Y Shihan in 2015.

He currently runs the Portsmouth Kyushindo Judo                     He holds 5th Dan grade in Wadoryu  Karate and

Club and heads up TJUK to promote Traditional Judo               teaches at the Kenshindoryu Honbu in Northants  throughout Great Britain                                                              where he also teaches Toyamaryu Iai Jutsu

Sensei Phil Watts, 6th Dan

Sensei Tracy Collins, 5th Dan

Zen Judo Family

Sensei John Robertson, 4th Dan


Sensei Richard Wells, 4th Dan

Sensei Phil Watts 6th Dan heads up the Zen Judo Family Custodians, who have run the organisation since the death of Shihan McCarthy, the Founder, in 1995. Phil was a long-time 'resident' at the ZJF Petersfield Honbu Dojo, where he previously assisted Mac for a number of years . Sensei John Robertson is the ZJF Webmaster (see ) and runs the Bognor Honbu club