19/20/21st September 2014 : Kenshindoryu Summer Course

The KDR Summer course was moved from its normal date in June to September, in part to fit in with International IGAS member Zen Judo Espana and chief instructor Shihan Bartolome Canellas, who came along with seven Kano Ryu members to take part in two and a half days of Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Shinkendo and Aikibujutsu, not forgetting the traditional Saturday barbecue! With a capacity turnout once again and the highest quality tuition, the course proved to be another huge success, closing with the possibility of an international IGAS course in 2015!

More pics are available on the Kenshindoryu website at



5th April 2014 : Zen Judo 40th Anniversary/ZJF Bognor 10th Anniversary

Formed in 1974 by Dominick McCarthy Sensei, the Zen Judo Family celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year and the course hosted by Zen Judo Bognor attracted an excellent turnout. Members and guests from IGAS from as far away as Northampton, Thatcham and Trowbridge enjoyed an excellent day of training, followed by pizza and sake in the evening.




1st March 2014 - IGAS Regional Seminar Hosted by BKJJF

In a repeat of last year's highly successful course, the BKJJF played host again to members with excellent sessions in Jujitsu, Nage no Kata, Jujitsu weapons and Wadoryu. With attendees from Zen Judo, Kenshindoryu, BKJJF, Southern Jujitsu and Traditional Judo UK, the sessions flew by and were enjoyed by all.



14th September 2013 - IGAS Regional Seminar hosted by ZJF

Sensei John Robertson's Bognor Zen Judo club was the venue for the final IGAS Regional event of 2013, with participants from four different organisations enjoying another first-class day of training.

John and his team, once again, lived up to their reputation for providing a hugely enjoyable course, covering Judo, Jujitsu, Shinkendo and Wadoryu, as well as the excellent refreshments and care throughout the day.


June 2013 Kenshindoryu 25th Anniversary Summer Course

The KDR Honbu Dojo at Roade once again played host to members and guests for the annual weekend summer course, this year celebrating the Kenshindoryu Silver Jubilee.


Guest instructors Shihan Yoshi Shinohara 8th Dan, Shihan Neil Malpas 5th Dan, Sensei Mike Healey 5th Dan and UK ISK Shibucho Byron Shepherd joined Kenshindoryu stalwart Senseis Jim Dart, Dan Jones, Stuart Edwards, James Dart and Roger Knowles in providing a weekend of good humoured, top quality martial arts tuition and practice in the friendly and informative manner that the association has become known for.





        Saturday 22nd                        Sunday 23rd




9th March 2013 - BKJJF Course - Gosport


A well attended and diverse course, covering Judo, Jujitsu, Tuite, Shinkendo and Aikijujitsu hosted by the British Kempo Jujitsu Federation. A busy day, spent in good humour, with good company and great instructors!



November 4th - Zen Judo Syllabus Course - Bognor

The final course of 2012 was hosted by the Zen Judo Family in the form of a syllabus standardisation course. Obviously, this was of primary interest to ZJF members, but the course was opened to all IGAS members and proved an instructional day.



September 30th - IGAS Regional Training Seminar - Milton Keynes

UK Aikibuken kindly hosted this year's autumn course, with Sensei Byron Shepherd demonstrating Kaiso Obata's dynamic style of Aikibujutsu.  Representatives from the Aikibuken were joined by members of BKJJF, the Zen Judo Family, Kenshindoryu and Kai Shin Kai for sessions in Jujitsu, Judo and Aikido from Senseis Mark Corby 3rd Dan, Jim Dart 5th Dan and Mike Gilbert-Hill 3rd Dan.

Although there was a slightly lower than usual turnout, the course was, once again of the highest standard and thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.



July 22nd - IGAS Regional Training Seminar - Portsmouth


Sensei Joe Harbert's UK Traditional Judo again hosted their annual IGAS seminar which was attended by representatives from over 6 different associations. Entertaining and informative sessions from Sensei Harbert in tachiwaza and newaza, Sensei Drinkwater in close-in fighting techniques and Sensei Dart in Bunkai jutsu, as well as Mrs Harbert's traditionally excellent refreshments once again reinforced the quality and value that the Society's courses are becoming famous for! (See more pics here)



June 23/24 2012 - Kenshindoryu Summer Course


Attracting attendees from 8 different associations, this year's Kenshindoryu Summer Course was another great success, covering Judo, Combat Judo, Jujitsu, Aikibujitsu, Shinkendo and Wadoryu Karate.



Jan 2012 - AJBF/IGAS Course Northampton hosted by the All Japan Budo Federation - Northampton


AJBF kindly invited Sensei Jim Dart 5th Dan to Join the AJBF UK Shidoin, Chris Spencer-Hicks on their first course of 2012, covering henka-waza in judo throws following the rule changes, an introduction to Combat (non-sport) Judo and Aikijujitsu. An excellent turnout (particularly bearing in mind how cold it was outside!!) for the session which was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.


22nd October 2011 - 3rd IGAS Regional Course hosted by

The Zen Judo Family - Bognor


The third course of our first year was hosted by IGAS Founder members, The Zen Judo Family and despite being hit by illness causing the late drop-out of one of the instructors, was hugely enjoyable and adjudged a great success.



With sessions from the host group, British Kempo JuJitsu Federation,  and UKTJ Chief Instructor Joe Harbert, who also stepped in to cover the Hazlemere Jujitsu session in the absence of their instructor, participants were treated to another high quality session that the Society is becomming known for.


All in all, a fitting end to IGAS' first year of courses, and well done to Sensei John Robertson and his team!



24th September 2011 - 2nd IGAS Regional Course hosted by Kenshindoryu Nippon Budo Kyokai - Northampton


The second IGAS Regional course was well attended, with over 30 members from hosts Kenshindoryu, Zen Judo, UK Traditional Judo, AJBF and Go Do Jujitsu. As usual, the host group was responsible for the morning sessions, with Sensei Jim Dart 5th Dan showing some techniques from KDR Combat Judo, followed by the Newaza No Kata from Kenshindoryu Jujitsu Kempo.




Lunch was followed by an eagerly anticipated session from the AJBF head of Judo Division, Sensei Dr. Llyr Jones 6th Dan, showing some henka waza for Osoto gari and Hiza Guruma, leading into some Newaza techniqes and the day was rounded off with Go Do Jujitsu Senseis Roger Knowles and Pat Lane, both 4th Dan Renshi, demonstrating some "Temporary Transitional Discomfort" (Pain!) first via use of the Kubotan, and then within a locking sequence.



     AJBF Sensei, Dr Llyr Jones 6th Dan demonstrates                 Go Do Jujitsu Sensei Roger Knowles 4th Dan    

   Osoto Gari with UKTJ Chief Instructor Joe Harbert         'fine tuning' Shihan Gordon Lawson 6th Dan Zen Judo


All agreed it had been a brilliant day - Next up, Bognor in October!



16/17th July 2011 - Kenshindoryu Summer Course


The annual Kenshindoryu summer course was 'delayed' this year until July (normally June) and this did have a minor effect on numbers of participants. Nonetheless, over two days the course covered sessions in Jujitsu, Judo, Newaza, Throwing applications to the Wadoryu karate kata Naihanchi, Shotokan Karate, Aikibujutsu, Shinkendo and Kenjutsu.




After a throughly civilised barbecue on the Saturday night, the weekend concluded with a randori session which allowed participants to 'fight' against exponents of other arts.



13th March 2011 - Inaugural IGAS 1 Day training Course



The first IGAS course in the UK was hosted by Sensei Joe Harbert of UKTraditional Judo, who was joined by representatives from the Zen Judo Family, BZJFA (Thatcham), BKJJF, Kenshindoryu and Haslemere Jujitsu. Sensei Harbert, as host, was responsible for the morning's activities, covering some lesser-known historical throws and submissions, which were enthusiastically practiced by all participants.



 Sensei Joe Harbert 6th Dan                                          Sensei John Robertson 3rd Dan         


After an excellent lunch provided by Joe's team, Zen Judo Family Sensei John Robertson 3rd Dan, kindly stepped in for the unavoidably absent Hanshi Bruce Heffer (BKJJF) with a session explaining the aims and rationale behind Zen Judo. This was followed by the final session of the day from Sensei Jim Dart, 5th Dan, demonstrating the pressure-point enhancements to throwing techniques and some Jujitsu applications from Kenshindoryu Combat Judo and KDR Jujitsu Kempo. An excellent introduction to IGAS which was thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees. Next course scheduled for September in Northampton!