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Our Services

Although we don't insist you take advantage of any of our services, we can offer assistance with the following areas:


Licencing and Insurance

Sometimes the cost of insurance for a small club can be disproportionate due to the underwriters' 'minimum premiums'. We operate a membership licencing scheme which 'piggybacks' on our existing member's insurance, via Kenshindoryu. The scheme currently provides £2million liability, including member-to-member liability and provides some limited personal accident cover. Members Insurance can be taken with, or without our licences. Please contact us for more details of the cover and licences we issue.


Courses and Grading Panels

Our main aim is to bring together different Traditional Judo and Jujitsu clubs and groups in the country, so we will be running a program of courses hosted by member groups. However, if you are running a course yourself,  we would be delighted to come along and teach a session - often completely free of charge - to introduce IGAS to you. For members, we will also advertise your courses on the IGAS website and in our newsletter.


We have a number of high-graded, highly experienced instructors in membership and would be happy to assist with grading panels on request.


Grading Certificates

We are able to offer IGAS members a range of kyu and dan grading certificates, in A4 and A3 sizes, respectively, which can be personalised to yoour club or association, while acknowledging your group's membership of the International Gentle Arts Society.

There is a small charge for these certificates, + P&P, but please contact us for details