Worldwide IGAS Members


Bujinkan Judo Club - Israel

Founded in 1988 and run by Sensei Trish Baron. Dedicated to teaching judo to everyone according to the precepts of Dr. Jigoro Kano and empowering kids and women of all ages by teaching them self defense and personal security.

Routine club activities:- Judo classes for all ages and all levels.

Kata and advanced Judo Seminars.- Judo camps for kids and youth.

 "Lotus": Volunteer Self Defense courses and workshops for girls and women of all ages and abilities.".


Learn Ju-Do - Malta

Ex-International Competitor, Sensei Neville Schembri runs the Learn Ju-Do club from Triq Salvu Buhagiar, Marsaskala, Malta.

Developing from its beginnings as a junior club with his 'Samurai Kids' programme, Sensei Schembri's focus on the personal-development of his students and their achievement of individual progression, is fully in keeping with Professor Kano's maxim 'Jita Kyoei'





Judo Zen Espana

Shihan Tollo Canellas, 6th Dan, heads up the Central Spain Zen Judo Club based in Palma de Mallorca. With extensive experience in competitive Judo, Traditional Judo and close protection, Sensei Canellas has been imparting his considerable experience and good-humoured style of teaching in Mallorca for 20 years.




National School of Kano Ryu - Espana

The "Escuela Nacional de Kano Ryu", or 'National School of Kano Ryu ', has been legally registered in the ministry of the interior of the Spanish government.

The E.N.K.R. is open to all lovers of Judo and ju jutsu that want to preserve the style of the teacher Jigoro Kano as Martial Arts, not as merely a sport of competition.



Hong Kong Martial Arts Education Association

The HKMAE is an educational organization of martial arts based in Hong Kong. Registered as a legal society under the Laws of Hong Kong Societies Ordinance Section 5A, Chapter 151, the

Aims of HKMAEA: - To promote martial arts education through seminars and workshops, including traditional judo - To promote harmony through martial arts education. - To improve mental and physical self-discipline, inspire personal development, and increase the appreciation of a healthy body and mind. - To encourage the individuals to train martial arts and personal protection methods. - To recognize the individuals and organizations to inspire their positive contributions in martial arts training and development in Hong Kong